Duncan was the official Yell Leader at pep rallies, for the second semester in 1927, at Tam High.  This photo comes from The 1927 Pai. the Tam High yearbook.A young Gregor Duncan, circa 1928.Gregor and his father Charlie Duncan, circa 1930.Gregor Duncan sketching a football player.  Photo appeared in the Call-Bulletin in 1930.  Call-Bulletin editor Pat Frone and Duncan dueling with tennis racquets,Duncan hamming for the camera with Jean Kelly and Jean Dare, as they get ready for the Carmel Bal Masque, at Del Monte.  1934.A sepia photograph of a Duncan self-portrait, done in oils, circa 1941.  The painting was given to Dulce Duncan Ray, Gregor's sister, after the war, but was lost after she passed away.  Janice actually held the cat while Gregor painted it.Staff Sergeant Gregor Duncan of the Army Air Force, in a formal pose, circa 1944.Duncan and Bill Mauldin in Mauldin's Willy Jeep, 1944.  Note that Mauldin has not yet drawn his character on the side of the Jeep.An informal shot of Duncan taken during his time in Algiers.  December 1943.Duncan relaxing in Naples, Italy, just days before he was killed at Anzio.  May, 1944.Janice and Gregor Duncan, with Bill Mauldin in Mauldin's Willy Jeep, complete with character on the side.  May 1944.Janice and Gregor Duncan in Naples, Italy, just days before Duncan was killed at Anzio.  May 1944Sgt. Bill Estoff and Sgt. George McCoy at Gregor Duncan's grave in Anzio, Italy.  Augst 1944.  Duncan referred to his friend George as Janice Duncan Goodhue, from her home in Reno, Nevada.  June 2009