Duncan was drafted into the Army Air Force (AAF) on July 9, 1942, and was sent to Atlantic City, New Jersey for basic training. Much of the training took place in old hotels commandeered by the military. Duncan soon started contributing cartoons to BEAM, a military publiction, with his feature At Ease. Duncan was next assigned to the USAAF Flight Control Command, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he did training manuel drawings, and another cartoon feature. Duncan was next moved into public relations, working for the Technical Training Command (TTC) at Lowry Field, in Colorado. From there, Duncan was transferred to Tarpon Springs, Florida, where he helped document a survial training experiment for the AAF School of Applied Tactics. Duncan was finally sent to Chanute Field in Illinois, a training facility for those who worked on and flew planes. Duncan's work was done for publicity and training, and showed his breadth as an artist. Soon after his time at Chanute Field, Duncan accepted a position for Stars and Stripes, and was shipped overseas.


Litho crayon portrait of Pvt. Max Rice, graduate instructor at the AAF Technical Training Command's Welder School at Chanute Field in Illinois.  Folks like Rice were integral to the war effort, helping to keep airplanes operational.  Circa 1943.A wonderful pen and brush drawing of a welder, drawn at Chanute Field, in Illinois. The student is  finishing up a problem in electric welding that is typical of what he might encounter later with tactical units at the front.  Circa 1943.A wonderfully animated drawing from the Parachute Riggers School at Chanute Field.  According to the caption on the reverse, the students An ink and ink wash drawing depicting students getting lessons on a bomb rack, at Chanute Field.  The students would learn about arming and disarming bombs, as well as the release mechansims for use in a plane.  Circa 1943.While in the AAF, Duncan was allowed to provide PM with images and text for publicity.  In this piece, a solider is being trained at the Armament School Malfunction Range at Lowry Field in Colorado.  April 18, 1943.A Duncan captured 50 WAACS in this piece for PM, as they were the first to enter the AAF Technical Training Command's Aerial Photography School, important in determining enemy troops' movements.  April 18, 1943.